Complete Customer Confidentiality

Your identity and contact information are held in complete confidence at MMA HI. It will never be shared with, revealed or sold to any entity.

Your information is utilized only to answer questions, fulfill orders, take requests and ensure customer satisfaction.

All deliveries are sent to your provided contact information and address in professional, plain packaging with “MMA HI” as the return address.

Credit card charges will also show on your receipt and statement as being from “MMA HI.”

All communications, such as a return telephone call, will be from “MMA HI.” All e-mails will be from

You may also be provided the option of receiving our e-newsletter which would also arrive from “MMA-HI.” Should you decline, your contact information will be purged from our system immediately. Should you accept and decide to discontinue at a later date, you will no longer receive the e-newsletter from that point onward and your contact information will be permanently removed from our records. You always have the option of requesting to receive our e-newsletters again at a later date.